Personal Project

I have no memory of a time in which my skills (and inevitably myself) weren't constantly assessed and ranked. As far as I can recall, I've always been "better" than some, "worse" than others and rarely the "best" or "worst". There's no doubt we build ourselves in comparison to those around us. In this way, beautiful people wouldn't be so if they had no one to compare themselves with. Although I do accept that's how things work, I've always struggled to resign myself with the given positions in the ranking. Once, while sharing these small frustrations with someone, I was told that all Scorpios (which I am) seem to take a particular pleasure in torturing themselves. Regardless of whether this is true or not, I consider myself more of a perpetual maverick. Nothing serious though. As a victim of several reoccurring obsessions, my constant urge to excel being one of them, I have learnt over time to use them in my favor. However, sometimes I wonder why certain skills are worthy of widespread admiration while quirky ones are left on the sidelines. I'm talking about abilities such us being able to fold sheets of paper precisely in half or open doors making no sound whatsoever or guess anyone's age right... to name but a few.
I'm sure we are all the very best at something, experts in a particular skill that makes us not only special but ultimately worthy of an award. These are the ones I would have won if, of course, they had existed.